October 03, 2011

Busting a Blaster: 2011 Topps Lineage - Packs 1 & 2

Now that the playoffs have begun and there is no more baseball that I have a real vested interest in (damn Braves), it is the perfect time to drown my sorrows in some pack ripping goodness.  I decided on a retail box of 2011 Topps Lineage.  Here are the first two packs from the box.

Pack 1

#37 Justin Upton
#45 Ryan Howard
#57 Willie McCovey
#114 Dustin Pedroia
#178 Albert Pujols
#189 Jaime Garcia


 "FNG" Insert
#16 Hank Conger


All Sparkly and Stuff
#109 Matt Latos

Pack 2

#71 Kurt Suzuki
#82 Ike Davis
#91 Brent Morel RC
#120 Ichiro
#166 Yovanni Gallardo
#179 Jake McGee RC
#187 Justin Verlander


Minis Rock
#59 Duke Snider

Comment Question for Contest Entries
If you were only allowed to collect cards from one product a year, which product would you buy?


  1. I guess out of the current crop, though I'm not that excited, it would have to be Topps Heritage.

  2. If price was no object? I'd still pick the flagship Topps, cuz I'm a set builder.

  3. I may get hate mail, but I'd go with Triple Threads. I don't have a single Triple Threads card, so it's not my usual bag, but for 1 year, there is enough gaudiness and variety in that product to give it a shot.

  4. Probably have to stick with original Topps, a close 2nd would be Heritage. Mind you this may change if Panini ever gets a "full" license to produce cards.

  5. I would probably have to go with Triple Threads as well. On a "one product a year" limit, I'd be able to pool my money to collect this product. Unless Topps starts doing Gypsy Queen on a yearly basis... which I doubt...

  6. i would go with regular topps myself. i'm kinda purist that way.

  7. Topps Chrome. I'm addicted to shiny.

  8. It's tough but I think I'd go with A&G. I like the old look of them.

  9. Allen and Ginter. Without a doubt.

  10. Again, I'm late, but I'm playing catchup from not reading any blogs for a few days! This is a tough call. The only set I'm building by hand from packs is the flagship set. I may have to go with that, because it has three series (I count Update as part of flagship) with various inserts that are worth collecting (except Update this year, it seems - I'm not inspired). A&G would be a close second, especially because of the challenge of building the SP part of the set and all the cool mini and other insert sets. If only A&G were multiple series! But then, would it be overkill?