September 25, 2011

Flea Market Treasure Hunt: High School Bowman

I was in middle school when the cards from my last Flea Market Treasure Hunt post were released but for this post, we have moved on to my final high school year with 1997 Bowman.  These cards don't make me feel old like the '91 Bowman set did mainly because in 1997 I was pursuing other interests rather than any "childish" sports card collecting.  Look at me now.  Life sure is funny that way.

Enough with the retrospect.  On to the cards:

Here are the notable veteran cards. Ugh, three Yankees and a Brave sliding into an obvious out. Could've been better.

What would Bowman be without rookies?  For some reason Mark Kotsay looks really worried in his photo.  And it's tough to believe that Brad Penny was ever that skinny.

There were some international parallels mixed in as well.  I like what Bowman was trying to do with these parallels but I think they are poorly executed.  I think these would look a lot better with horizontal designs to keep the flags looking more like actual flags.

Some decent cards here but with the exception of Jermaine Dye contributing to an inevitable putout by Barry Larkin, there were no Braves with these cards.

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