August 01, 2011

The WAR Set: Card #3

1990 Fleer #3 Jose Canseco
5.5 Wins Above Replacement 

See, I told you this set wasn't just 2007 Topps cards.

In 1990, the whistle blower of steroid-era baseball put together a successful season.  After missing the majority of the 1989 season with a wrist injury, Canseco returned to his hormone induced form in 1990.  Canseco hit .274 with 37 homers and tallied 101 RBI while helping the A's reach their third straight World Series appearance.  He was voted to his 4th All-Star game and won his second Silver Slugger Award as well.

Loved to hit against Oil Can Boyd: 9 for 21 with 5 home runs (1.669 OPS)
Loathed to hit against Duane Ward: 1 for 20 with 12 strikeouts (.095 OPS)

This year's cards still in the running for this spot:
2011 Topps #3 Jon Lester (current WAR = 3.3)
2011 Topps Heritage #3 David Ortiz (current WAR = 2.3)

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