August 11, 2011

Retail Double Dip

Oh yeah, time to rip some more packs.  Another double dip of sports with a 2011 Topps Series 2 blaster box and one rack pack of 2011 Panini Prestige. 

First off is the 2011 Topps Series 2 blaster box.  This will be brief as I'm sure everyone has seen everything that series 2 has to offer.

Here are the inserts from the box.  Like always, the Kimball minis and the Topps 60 cards are cool while I think its time for Topps to nix the Diamond Duos inserts and the reprints

These are shiny.

The obligatory manu-patch. 

Moving on to football with the rack pack of 2011 Panini Prestige:

Here is a small sample of the base cards so you can see what the design of these cards look like.
Bonus: Got another Roscoe to add to my Canes PC.

Here are what the base rookie cards look like.  I really do not like this design for the rookies because they are not in their pro uniforms and the logos on their college helmets have been edited out.  Just bland cards in my opinion.

These are the two inserts from the rack pack.  The Rookie Review card looks too much like the base cards and doesn't stand out enough to be considered an insert.  On the other hand,  the Prestigious Pros card is a quality insert with a great layout and slick color.

I have yet to see the other inserts or parallels from this set but so far I am not very impressed with 2011 Prestige.  Perhaps I will give it another shot in the future.


  1. Would you mind setting aside the Mariani for me? I've got something you might want.

  2. Sure thing. I'll send you an email and we can work something out.