August 31, 2011

Reap the Heap #4: Sharing Some Flea Market Bernie (CLAIMED)

How "Reap the Heap" Works

Occasionally I will add a card to the heap.  In order to "Reap the Heap" all you have to do is leave a comment that you want the heap of cards and that you have one (or more) of the cards on my wantlists to send to me.  That's it, just one card (or more) from my wantlists for the entire heap of cards.  First come, first serve of course on claiming the cards.

BA Benny reaped this heap!!

I'm not gonna hog all the flea market fun.  Here's a Bernie mini for the trade heap.

Card 2
2001 Private Stock PS-206 Action #41 Bernie Williams 

Card 1
2011 Topps Town #TT42 Kevin Youkilis

Previous Heaps
Heap #3 (2 cards) reaped by Captain Canuck (Waxaholic)
Heap #2 (1 card) reaped by Ryan (This Card is Cool)
Heap #1 (13 cards) reaped by Cheap Card Collecting


  1. I will Reap that Heap. Love the Bernie. I surely have something on your want lists, I will let you know what I have tomorrow.

  2. Shoot me an e-mail with your address, I have Gypsy Queen #'s 192, 229, and SP 306 for you.

  3. Your site has now been added to the Sports Card Blogroll.


    JayBee Anama