August 05, 2011

Football has Returned

College teams are beginning fall practices, NFL camps are underway and six months from today two teams will meet in Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI (or Super Bowl 46 for the roman numerically impaired).

Today marks the beginning of six months of football card collecting for myself.  I will still collect and trade baseball cards but during football season I focus more and more on football cards until the final whistle of the Super Bowl.  Then I return to my baseball ways when pitchers and catchers report for spring training next year.  It's my vicious collecting cycle.

So tonight is a double sport retail pack rip.  I am opening one rack pack of 2011 Allen & Ginter's and one rack pack of 2011 Score football.  I'm excited.

First up 2011 Allen & Ginter's:

Notable Base Cards
#127 James Loney
#145 Victor Martinez
#285 Alex Rios
#300 Ryan Braun

The Morrow is an A&G back mini.

What a blah rack pack. I was hoping for something to add to one of the subsets I am collecting.

Now for the super thick 2011 Score rack pack:

Here are the base rookie cards.  I'm not a big fan of the combine pictures as I would rather see rookies in their pro uniforms.  A lot of these cards have short print variations with different photos on them, unfortunately I didn't get any of those. But I did get my first Daniel Thomas rookie!

These are the glossy parallels.  As you could guess, these cards have a super shiny finish to them when compared to the normal cards.  The Devin Hester heads to my Canes PC.

Here are the inserts from the pack.  I like the design on the "In the Zone" cards while the other inserts seem a little bland.

Other cards headed to PC's
#36 Roscoe Parrish (Canes)
#156 Karlos Dansby (Fins)
#181 Jonathan Vilma (Canes)

A lot of collectors seem to snub this product because it is considered "low end" but I think this a great product at a great value.  Of course, if the only thing you are looking for is a high-dollar hit card then this is not the product for you.  However, if you enjoy ripping packs in the search of cards of your favorite team/player and don't want to break the bank then I suggest picking up a pack or two of this.  I'll probably rip a couple more of these in the future.

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