August 24, 2011

Flea Market Treasure Hunt: The Minis

Since it was the sight of the minis that compelled me to purchase this box-o-cards, I figured I would use them for my first post in the Flea Market Treasure Hunt.  But first a visual aid:

There were about 30 of these in the box all together but I only scanned some of the bigger named players.  

The name of this set is PS-206 Action and they were inserted into packs of 2001 Private Stock at a rate of 2 per pack.  I have never seen these cards before because they appeared at a time when I was doing a lot more partying than collecting.  These minis are glossy and the photography is pretty sharp.  The backs are a little bland though, without any stats or write ups.

I love the fact that minis have made a big return in the modern day hobby and I hope they stay around for a long time (or until Topps figures out a way to make me loathe them).

I did get a Braves mini though and that already makes this box worth the price I paid for it.


  1. That is a cool Nomo. Minis are always good. Nice find.