July 30, 2011

The WAR Set: Card #2

2007 Topps #2 Nick Swisher
3.8 Wins Above Replacement

I assure you that the WAR Set is not a direct copy of 2007 Topps, it just worked out that way and sorry for the dusty scanner.

2007 was not Nick Swisher's best statistical season of his career but it was good enough to earn card #2 honors in the WAR Set.  Swisher hit .266 with 22 homers and 78 rbi in 2007.  He also walked an impressive 100 times which ranked 11th best in the Majors.

Loves to hit against Jeremy Guthrie: 13 for 27 with 2 home runs (1.479 OPS)
Loathes to face Nate Robertson: 3 for 26 with 9 strikeouts (.412 OPS)

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