July 14, 2011

Packs to Pass the Time

So, apparently my box of 2011 Allen & Ginter's won't be arriving for a couple more days.  Now I will have to wait to join the Ginter-blitz party that is sweeping the internet collecting world and right now I really have the itch to rip some packs.  Good thing I ran out of bread today.

I bought one of those boxes at Walmart that just says "Baseball Cards" on the side.  For 10 bucks I got 8 packs of cards.  Six of the packs are from the 2000's and two are from the 1980's.  I guess the people that packaged these things partied too hard in the 90's.

Well, let's open those sweet, waxy packs from the 80's shall we:

First Pack:  1988 Donruss

Wow, look at all those mustaches.  Whiskers must have been a requirement to play in the majors back then.

  Five more cards, five more nose mullets.

Wait a sec, what is this?  Clean shaven ball players have no place in '88 Donruss!  Come on Don, I know you are a hall of famer and a great broadcaster for the Braves, but where's the cookie duster?

MOJO!  This card makes this junk box worth it's weight in facial hair.  I got a Braves card I did not own and it happens to be "Bam Bam" Hubbard showing off his impressive plumage in epic Dick Perez fashion.  Awesome.

Second pack:  1989 Topps 

Ok, I'll stop talking about face manes in this rip. I'll just show off the only cards worth a damn from this pack.

Not too shabby for a random pack of junk wax.

I'll save the other packs from this box for another post in the future.

More Upper Lip Spinach!

Sorry, I couldn't help it.

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