July 21, 2011

Let the Gint-A-Cuffs Begin!

Finally! My box of Allen & Ginter's has arrived and just in time as the Gint-A-Cuffs III scoring was released yesterday.

I will open a few packs a day and post the Gint-A-Cuffs scores as I go along.  Hopefully this box holds some special stuff for me.  

First off I opened the Cabinet Boxloader Card:

How's that for an inauspicious start.  I get 8 points for a Cabinet Boxloader but it features the dang Yankees.  I'm not exactly sure if I have to lose points for that but I don't see anything in the rules regarding Yankees and non-relic Boxloaders so I guess I get the full 8 points.  Man, these Gint-A-Cuffs can get confusing. On second thought, I think I will deduct myself a point for pulling a card of the evil empire. 8-1=7 points

Pack #1

#81 Yonder Alonso RC (0 points)
#177 Aaron Crow RC (0 points)
#122 Ryan Dempster (0 points)
#123 Rajai Davis (0 points)
#271 Chris Young (0 points)

#345 Zack Greinke (2 points, SP)

 #96 Daniel Boulud (2 points, A&G back mini)

#FF15 USS Cairo (2 points, Floating Fortresses)

Boxloader: 7 points
Pack 1 Total: 6 points

Running Tally:  13 points

Since this is my first time in Gint-A-Cuffs, I'm not sure if this an average pack or bad pack.

Pack #2

#91 Joel Pineiro (0 points)
#116 Josh Beckett (0 points)
#146 John Danks (0 points)
#228 Brandon Snyder RC (0 points)
#257 Andrew Bailey (0 points)

#HH29 Rick Porcello (1 point, Hometown Heroes) - I like this insert better than the "This Day in History" inserts from last year.  I guess I'm more interested in where someone is from rather than how old they are.

#BHS-22 Ubaldo Jimenez (3 points, Highlight Sketch Insert) - Nice card.  Too bad it highlights how Ubaldo no-hit my Braves last year.

#UG1 Bachelor's Grove Cemetary (3 points, Uninvited Guests Mini) - This is one of the mini sets I'd like to collect this year.

Pack 2 Total: 7 points

Running Tally:  20 points

Pack 3

#28 John Lindsey RC (0 points)
#41 Carlos Santana (0 points)
#75 Jose Reyes (0 points)
#97 Zach Britton RC (0 points)
#166 Geovany Soto (0 points)
#249 Carlos Ruiz (0 points)

#8 Alexei Ramirez (2 points, A&G back mini)

#HH11 Jason Heyward (4 points, Hometown Heroes Insert, Favorite Team, Dayf's Favorite Player) - Nice, the first card from this box to head to my Braves PC.

Pack 3 Total: 6 points

Running Tally:  26 points

Stay tuned for packs #4 - #6 coming soon.


  1. Thanks. The hardest thing for me is to not rip all the packs in this box. I want to keep the suspense alive.