July 24, 2011

Gint-A-Cuffs III: Round 4 (Packs 10-12) Halfway There

Let's see if that first hit shows up before I get to the second half of the box.

Total Score From 9 Packs so far:  66 points
Average Score per Pack:  6.5 points 

Pack # 10

#96 Daniel Boulud (0 points)
#104 Huston Street (0 points)
#209 Guy Fieri (0 points)

#120 Adrian Gonzalez (+2 points, SportsCardBlog's Favorite Player)

#174 Joakim Soria (+2 points, Darkship's Favorite Player)

#245 Brian McCann (+1 point, My Favorite Team) - Word

#HH71 Chris Carpenter (+1 point, Hometown Heroes)

#133 Geno Auriemma +2 points total (+3 points Black Mini -1 point Enemy of Pat Summit)

Pack 10 Total: 8 points - Okay pack, better than average

Running Tally: 74 points

Pack #11

#69 Neftali Feliz (0 points)
#220 Prince Fielder (0 points)
#251 Ian Desmond (0 points)
#297 Travis Hafner (0 points)

#101 Peter Bourjos (+3 points, Ginter Code Card)

#HH37 Clayton Kershaw +3 points total (+1 point Hometown Heroes, +2 points Night Owl's Fave Player)

#BHS-21 David Wright +5 points total (+3 points, Baseball Highlight Sketches, +2 points, Spankee's Fave Player)

#314 Nick Markakis +6 points total (+3, SP mini, +3, Beardy's Favorite Player Mini) - My first non-parallel mini turns out to be a short print and a fave player....Nice.

Pack 11 Total: 17 points - Awesome Pack. Those on the favorite players list make a big difference

Running Tally: 91 points

Pack #12

#21 Logan Morrison (0 points)
#24 Kristi Yamaguchi (0 points)
#142 Michael Young (0 points)
#258 Howie Kendrick (0 points)

#95 Dan Uggla (+1 point, My Fave Team) - Word

#298 Peter Gammons (+3 points, Code Card)

#HH40 Prince Fielder (+1 point, Hometown Heroes)

#95 Dan Uggla (+1 point, Mini of my Favorite Team) - Two Uggs in one pack. Word2.

Pack 12 Total: 6 points - Average Pack but with two Uggla's for the PC.  Plus I managed to avoid the Yankees for Three straight packs. Word3

Running Tally: 97 points

The current leader had a 232-point box so I got a ways to go to get into contention for the lead.  I should have 3 hits somewhere in the second half of this box (hopefully the collation is right) so there's a chance I could move on up.  Win or lose, I am having a blast with this "competition"

Stay tuned for the home stretch of Gint-A-Cuffs III.

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