June 11, 2011

First Crack at Series 2, 2011 Topps Hanger Pack

Finally got a chance to get my hands on some 2011 Topps Series 2.  I once again opted for 2 hanger packs instead of buying one blaster box. 

Now let's dive into one of those hanger packs and into a long post (at least for my standards)

First we are going to take an in depth look at the AL Rookies....

Micheal Kohn (P) struggled a bit earlier this year before being sent back down to Salt Lake after only 3.2 innings pitched in 2011.

Tim Collins (P) is currently part of the Royals bullpen with 33.1 innings pitched and a 3.24 ERA.

Aaron Crow (P) has been making a run at becoming the Royals closer in the near future.  He is averaging over a strikeout per inning while sporting a paltry 1.47 ERA.

And now onto the NL Rookies....

Aneury Rodriguez (P) started the season in the Astros bullpen but was placed in the starting rotation in early May.  Rodriguez is currently 0-4 as a starter with an ERA of 5.96

Brian Broderick (P) is another guy that struggled right from the get-go by posting a 6.57 ERA in just 11 games.  Broderick was sent back to the Cardinals organization on May 23rd.

Darwin Barney (SS) is quietly having a pretty good season for the Cubbies.  With Starlin Castro starting at shortstop, Barney is playing second base and is batting .297 and ranks second on the team in runs scored (31) and fourth in RBI (25)

Marcos Mateo (P) is another Cub rookie. Unfortunately, he did not have the rookie success of Barney.  Mateo pitched in 20 games this season giving up 21 hits and 10 runs before being sent back to Triple-A

Out of all the rookies in this pack,  Darwin Barney and Aaron Crow have started off the best.  Now we will look at the inserts and parallels....

Here we have a Diamond Duos of the new Red Sox signees and a Nyjer Morgan gold parallel with a photo of a spiffy diving catch.

Now we have a Chris Carpenter ToppsTown card,  a Topps 60 card of "The Freak", and a Target Hanger Pack Exclusive card of "Mr. National", Ryan Zimmerman, who should be returning pretty soon from injury.

Whooa!  Some bedazzled madness of rival Phillies.  Here is a Cole Hamels Diamond Anniversary parallel and a Ryan Howard Diamond Stars insert.  All sparkly and stuff.

Now time for some nostalgia.  Here we got an Orlando Cepeda 60 Years of Topps reprint (not an original back), a Kimball Champions mini of Steve Carlton, and a Joe Morgan Short Print (cool).  Look at that smile on Cepeda, they should make a variation with a sparkle coming right from the grill.

I also pulled a Tommy Hanson base and a Jason Heyward base to add to the Braves PC. 

Here's what I got with the Diamond Anniversary Code:

Those goggles are sweet

Now for some fun with photos....

Even the UFC disallows flying knees to the crotch

"It's okay, don't worry about that Bryce Harper guy.  People still want your rookies as well"

Faces only a mother could love

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