June 02, 2011

2011 Bowman Blaster Box Crack

So here is my first look at 2011 Bowman. This blaster box purchased from the local Wallyworld consists of 8 packs with 10 cards per pack.

Of course the main draw of 2011 Bowman is super prospect Bryce Harper.

Did I get a Harper? We shall see...

First here are scans of the prospect inserts............

Next are the scans of the chrome prospect cards................

Next up we have the gold parallels.....

And now onto the other inserts.....

 Lastly here are the base rookies plus an International parallel of Clayton Kershaw....

Well, no luck with pulling a Harper in this box but I did really enjoy this break.  I really like the International Parallel they put into this product that shows the player's hometown on a map in the background.  It's refreshing to see a parallel that is something other than a chrome or have a different color border.  The prospect cards are a staple of this product while the inserts have a nice quality to them.  Overall I enjoyed opening this box but I love ripping packs anyways so I enjoy whatever packs I open (usually).

Here is a breakdown of the cards pulled from the box

80 Total Cards
Non-Rookie Base - 27 cards
Rookie Base - 5 cards
Base Gold Parallel - 8 cards
Base International Parallel - 1 card
Bowman Prospect Cards - 16 cards
Bowman Chrome Prospect Cards - 14 cards
Topps 100 - 3 cards
Finest Futures - 2 cards
Topps of the Class - 1 card
Bowman's Brightest - 1 card
Bowman's Best - 1 card
Bowman's Best Prospects - 1 card

Oh yeah, got a couple Braves cards as well:
#21 Jason Heyward
#107 Dan Uggla

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